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What are the best foot massagers out there?

We actors like to relax like all people, between hours of continuous scenes and practice. We tend to put pressure on our feet, and many of us complained about tiredness and back pains. Did you know that your feet have millions of nerve endings and several key pressure points? You don't need to be a scientist to verify this, you just need a foot massage! For starters, you can do it the old fashion way:

Our feet are typically our least pampered part of our body. We use them every day and rarely give them the care and attention they deserve.

Here are some of the best reasons that made us indulge ourselves and get more foot massages:

Pain Relief

Foot massages are proven to relieve pain and we're not just talking about foot pain here. The feet are where we store a lot of tension and stress without really knowing it. A problem in our feet such as a corn or even more subtle points of tension can cause pain in other parts of our body, especially our neck and back. Most of the time if we have back pain or neck pain or headaches we don't give any thought to our feet, but studies have shown that regular foot massages will help to relieve pain throughout your body.

Stress Relief

Can you think of anything more relaxing than a wonderful foot massage after a long day? No? That's because there are few things we can do that provide more stress relief than a foot massage. The benefits are physical and mental. Physically the muscles, bones and tendons in our feet are under a lot of pressure for most of the day. Massaging these parts has the opposite effect of standing on them all day. The muscles can relax, the bones can wiggle and the tendons get a break.

Mentally, because we take our feet for granted and abuse them for most of the day a foot rub signals that we are on a mini-vacation. Our brain releases endorphins like dopamine and serotonin into our blood and we experience a mild euphoria and the rest of the body falls in line and relaxes too.

Improved Blood Circulation

The feet are a notorious problem area for the circulation of blood. The weight we put on them every day and the impact of walking or jogging causes the blood vessels to constrict and slow down. Foot massages are the best way to restore blood circulation through the feet and into the rest of your body.

As we get older our blood circulation naturally deteriorates. This can cause us a lot of pain and discomfort and also a number of other problems like varicose veins. Foot massages are a simple and effective way to increase blood circulation without using prescription drugs.

Chronic fatigue

Studies have shown that regular foot massages can help with symptoms of chronic fatigue, especially in pre menopause women. If you find yourself constantly tired, or lacking energy your solution may lie in more foot massages.

So now you may be convinced that foot massages are an asset to your health and well-being. But how can you get a quality foot massage regularly without breaking your budget and schedule?

The answer to this question is home foot massagers. There are a lot of them to choose from so we will review some of the most popular choices on the market.

Brand name & model Aspect Price Best deal & reviews

Due North Foot Massage Ball $ Read more
Soothera Wooden Spindle $ Read more
Multi-Mode Warming Luxury Tapping $ Read more
The Sharper MSG-F110 Deep Shiatsu $ Read more
Medi Rub 2000 Plus $$ Read more
Qlive QL-2000 $$ Read more
Massage King Mk9199 Plus $$$ Read more

The Sharper MSG-F110 Deep Shiatsu Foot Massager

The Sharper Image MSG-F110 Foot Massager

The Sharper Image MSG-F110 is a futuristic electric foot massager. It has two foot pads for you to place your feet on, and each foot has 3 deep kneading heads that move and rotate. A Shiatsu head is a small round ball that is designed to penetrate deep into your muscles to give you intense relief. The Shiatsu heads rotate to stimulate your pressure points, and to mimic "thumb action" of a person holding your foot in their hand and using their thumb to massage in a circular motion. The shiatsu heads are beneath a thin soft layer of cloth so you know where to place your feet and the shiatsu heads do the movements for you.

This has a heat option you can turn on or off, and it has an automatic timer to turn off the heater after 15 minutes for your comfort and safety.

This massager has additional convenience features like toe-touch on and off switch and integrated cord management for easy storage and retrieval.

The reviews of this product are very positive. Customers compare this product with a "box that vibrates", they say this Sharper model is more effective than simple vibrating boxes because the rotating shiatsu heads give a more focused and penetrating massage experience. The only minor downside is that it is not very versatile and has only one mode and one heating option.

At the moment, you can buy it with a great discount from this place.

Multi-Mode Warming Luxury Tapping Foot Massager

Multi-Mode Warming Luxury Tapping Foot Massager

This is a foot massager quite different from the Sharper Image model above. This foot massager is built for versatility and different options. There are 5 different massaging options that use 15 different points of your feet.

The 5 modes for you to choose from are: Light, Medium, Heavy, Vibration, and a mixed setting using a bit from all of the other modes. You can also choose to have the heating setting on or off. Despite the variety of modes and settings this machine is very easy to use.

The reviews of the Multi-mode Warming Luxury Tapping are also positive. Many people claim they work standing on their feet all day and this product is the only thing that gives them the relief and comfort they need after a long day. Some people even use it in the morning and evening and they are ecstatic about the results.

Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus

Medi Rub 2000 Plus Foot Massager

This is a unique product quite unlike the two described above. This foot massager has a large textured pad for you to rest your feet on, and the pad vibrates sending powerful relief to the sole of your feet.

There are only two modes, high and low.

The reviews of this product are positive, but there are a few key points that make this a less than optimal foot massager. The first is the apparent lack of penetration. This is simply a massaging textured pad on which you place your feet. Other models of foot massage offer some support and depth to their massage while this one only vibrates on a two dimensional plane.

Customers have noted that this product is a bit louder than some other models. One customer complained that the vibrating motion of the massager gave it a tendency to "run away". That is no matter how she tried to keep the massager in one place with her feet, the machine slowly vibrates and dances away from here.

Despite these drawbacks customers rave about how their feet and legs feel during and after using this machine. Several say their doctors recommended this product and this product delivered the pain relief and comfort they were looking for. The best part is that this machine is on sale.

Qlive QL-2000 Foot Calf and Ankle Massager

Qlive QL-2000

The Qlive QL-2000 calf, foot and ankle massager is a complete solution for your relaxation. It consists of an L shaped half cast type of structure where you insert your feet and ankles. The machine goes up to about the mid-way point of your calf.

This machine uses strong kneading discs similar to the shiatsu heads used by the first product. Because of the design of the machine, you get massage therapy in the sole and sides of your feet, your heel, ankle and lower calf.

The machine has 3 massage modes and 3 vibrating modes so you can experiment and find which feels the best for you.

The customer reviews of this product are mixed between very good and very bad. The positive reviews rave about the thorough massage you get and the relief it brings all the way up your legs. The negative reviews had to do with the price and durability of the massager. Several customers complained that it stopped working within a short period of time. Others say they had to return the massager immediately because it was making strange noises and even produce smoke from the very first use.

Even some of the positive reviews of this product mentioned that there is no warranty information and no helpful information to guide them in case any repairs are needed. But enough firing shots. This product is actually not a a gamble, because the high quality massage you get compensates for most drawbacks. Just make sure you buy this product through a known retailer like Amazon, which offers the possibility to return the product within the first months of use.

Massage King Plus Newest Foot Massager Leg Knee Ankle Massager with Heat Therapy Mk9199 Model

Massage King Mk9199 Plus

This is the most complete foot massager we've have seen. It has a similar functionality to the Qlive QL-2000 in that it has a half cast design so you get relief on the bottom and sides of your feet, your ankles, and the back and sides of your calf.

This unit has airbags that inflate to support your foot and ankle in the massage chamber. The motorized massagers have a relaxing penetrating motion.

The disadvantages of this unit are also similar to the Qlive model: the price and reliability. Whenever you have this many moving parts and electronic gadgets going you have the potential for malfunctions.

Many customers were able to enjoy the use of this machine for a long time, and their reviews are great. They say it feels great, it gives relief to different painful conditions like plantar fasciitis and diabetes related foot pain.

If you don't mind the price and are willing to risk the reliability issues, then this is a great foot massager for you.

Last but not least, make sure you check out its best price online, before buying it from Target or Walmart.

Soothera Wooden Spindle Foot Massager

Soothera Wooden Spindle

Obviously, this is a non-electronic option. Offering a completely different solution for your foot massaging problems, Soothera has made a wooden foot massager. It has a nice compact design. It consists of 5 rotating axels that have specially designed grooves and points. You simply place the unit of the ground and put your foot on the axels and apply moderate pressure and move your foot forward and backward. The axels rotate and the grooves penetrate into your foot muscles and deliver relief. The unit also comes with a diagram map of your foot and the pressure points so you can direct the relief end enjoy greater results.

Although it is very low tech compared to the other options described above this unit has several advantages. The first is the price, as you can imagine this foot massager is much cheaper than the complex electric massagers. There is also no maintenance required and since there is no electronics involved there is very little that can go wrong and prevent this from working for years. It is sturdy and can handle a lot of weight on it.

Somewhat surprisingly, the customer reviews of this product are overwhelmingly positive. People talk of the excellent pain relief and the soothing effect of the specially designed wooden grooves on the rotating axels.

This unit is great for a variety of environments because is it compact, lightweight and requires no electricity or time and effort to set up. You can use this at work under your desk and enjoy foot massages while working.

The obvious downsides of this unit are that it requires manual operation, meaning you have to move your foot in a forward and backward motion to get the action. Also this is built for only one foot at a time so if you want to massage both feet you have to buy two or use them one after the other.

As we already said, in contrast to the high tech options described earlier, this traditional tool gives you reliability at a wonderful price.

Due North Foot Rubz Foot Hand and Back Massage Ball

Due North Foot Massage Ball

This product is a ball that works similar to the wooden device mentioned above. You simply put your foot on top of the ball and move it around with moderate pressure. The ball has its own grooves and points to get deep into your foot muscles. What else is nice about this ball? Costs less than a pizza.

When you are purchasing a foot massager it is important to think about your own needs and the ways and locations you want to use it, and also your budget. If your pain is severe and you want serious relief you may want to go with the Massage King Mk9199. If your discomfort is moderate it seems the low technology options may prove sufficient, as well as the medium range of products (like the Sharper MSG-F110). If you want an ultra-portable gadget, the Soothera Wooden Spindleis a good purchase.

We would love some feedback from you guys. Just use the comments form to share your experience and ideas on this subject:

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