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I read up on the show before going to know what to expect, but nothing could have prepared me for how amazing the show was. Williams was of course brilliant, but the rest of the cast! Ah! Such superb acting skills, they really captured the emotion of the piece.

Amanda from NYC

I went to see Robin Williams, I came out totally speechless. My first Broadway play showed me the power of Broadway that I have heard all my life. Breath taking, taught provoking play is priceless. Must experience this play. The supporting cast is just as superb as Robin. 8 days later, I still think about the play and its message every hour. Do not miss it.

Eliot from Dallas

Fantastic show! This was my first broadway show and it was sensational. It brings to light many real-life situations that are typically sweep under the rug. I am more and more impressed as I relive and retell the show to my friends.

Chad from Minnesota

Intense! A wonderful cast portraying the very real questions of life. Hauntingly Brilliant!!

Mary from Tulsa

A group of us drove in for this play. It was awesome, thought provoking, intense and very real...If I were a voting member for a Tony Award a few of them could be handed out for this show. It was worth the road trip

Margaret from Ohio

C'est Fantastiqe
Ist Unglaublich Gut
Es Excelente

Alex Wolff from Munich

Great show. Congrats. to Williams for taking the Risk with this Play. Not to the liking of the average American as noticed in the chatter at Interval. Play makes you think with many ideas on the Iraq war put forth. Acting is superb and the Set is magnificent. A great story that keeps you thinking days after.Really shows the inadequacies of the early invasion of Iraq. Well done to all for putting this on in Broadway.

Paul PR Milton from Sydney,Australia

This play was fabulous on all levels. The writing, as many have said, was beautiful, terrifying, comic, poignant, and truly everything it needed to be. The characters were all played fully by a remarkable cast. The set and lighting designs were stunning. And finally, the topic resonates powerfully with today's audience. The show still has me thinking almost a week later. Be careful though, don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you it is a comedy--it is not. That said, this is truly an extraordinary piece of theatre.

Jen from Durham, NC

Fantastic show which leaves you thinking about it for days. Incredibly sharp writing coupled with a fantastic cast of actors. Robin Williams seems like he was born to play the Tiger, and Brad Fleischer handles his character transition with aplomb. This play is going to win multiple Tony awards and you will want to go see it multiple times. I'm going for my second time next week. Unique, moving, superb acting. Reminds me of old broadway when plays had a real cutting edge to them and powerful impact on you. Enjoy.

Chris Murphy from New York

The scenes, the message is still resonating days after the March 18th performance. Robin Williams was the draw and didn't disappoint. Every movement and every syllable moved a message that divides predisposed beliefs. Graphic messages fueled a gloves-off depiction of this cross-section of modern times.

The script, set, cast, wardrobe all worked in harmony with laser-like intensity. No distractions. I'm changed.

Come with a lion-heart, leave...

Joe from Portland, OR

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